Athlete Spotlight: Hannah Morris

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Desert Speed School athlete and Cienega setter Hannah Morris was profiled by AllSportsTucson for a first-person account from the senior Bobcat on the upcoming season. One of the top setters in the state, Morris is on the Preseason Watch List for volleyball. From the article:

I first began playing volleyball in third grade when I moved to Vail because it looked super fun. My mom played in high school as well, and my parents have supported me from the beginning. I started off playing NYS and began my club volleyball journey in fifth grade because I knew I wanted to get competitive. Every summer I would attend the David Rubio volleyball camps and I fell more and more in love with the sport.

In seventh grade, I tried out for Coach Rubio’s club team and played for him for three years. Those years playing for him were key to my development as a player. I have played sand volleyball for several years as well, which has really helped my indoor game. When I was put on varsity as a sophomore at Cienega, it was a challenge to be so young in a leadership role. I am thankful for Coach Heather Mott for helping to grow me mentally and physically into the player and leader I am today.

This sport is something I am extremely passionate about and when it was abruptly ended six months ago, it broke my heart. I am so beyond grateful to have the ability to play again, and I can’t wait to show my competitive side again this season. My greatest hope for this season is to be able to play out our schedule and to have a successful record. If all goes well, I think our team will be very competitive, and I can’t wait to play with them. I also have hopes to commit to a college or university to continue my volleyball career.

I love the chemistry the team has this year. We all know each other from club and from growing up playing together and we all get along well. At our tryouts, the energy in the gym was extremely positive and I could tell everyone truly wanted to be there. After such a long break, we are all so grateful to get to play volleyball again, and we aren’t taking it for granted. It makes playing so much fun and more energetic than ever.

My career goal is to become a physician, although I am unsure what specific type yet. I also have a goal to attend a college to play volleyball and to perform well. I cannot imagine being done playing volleyball after this year, so I know in my heart that I need to continue playing following high school, and I can’t wait to see where I end up!