Spring and Summer 2024 Programs

Initial Evaluation

All first-time athletes begin our program by going through our 7-step testing process. This allows us to do several things:

  • See athlete’s strengths/weaknesses compared to national standards for age
  • Analyze athlete’s movement patterns: Running mechanics, change-of-direction mechanics, and ability to jump/land. Based on this analysis, we can structure a program for the individual to help them become more efficient with these movements.
  • Chart athlete’s progress as he/she goes through training program

Initial testing includes testing for explosive power, acceleration, agility, vertical jump, upper-body strength, lower-body strength, and flexibility. All athletes receive a 3-page printed report showing results compared to national standards. We will also re-test athletes approximately every 3-6 months.

Semi-private training programs

Currently we offer semi-private programs for elementary, middle-school, and high school/collegiate athletes. Training alongside other athletes, individuals are pushed and challenged to reach new levels. These training programs are tailored to the needs of the individual athlete, and typically include strength development, agility training, and an assesment of running mechanics. Our average semi-private size is 4-8 athletes/session, and we offer single session options along with both short- and long-term packages.


One-on-one training programs

Want to go through a Speed School training program, but prefer to do it privately with an instructor? Then our one-on-one option is for you. Whether you have specific needs that need to be addressed, or your schedule simply doesn’t allow you to train with one of our semi-private sessions, you can still benefit from this option. Sign up by the session or enroll in a short- or long-term package!

Adult Training programs

You may no longer compete as an athlete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train like one! We offer adult programs for individuals to improve their overall lean body mass, improve their strength and cardiovascular fitness, and regain some of the loss in mobility that comes with age. Many of our adult athletes have gone on to set PR’s in 5k’s, cycling (mountain and road), and overcome injuries. If you’re over thirty and want to get into the best shape of your life – this program is for you!

Military Training

If you are training for a military or other Department of Defense physical fitness test and/or basic training, we offer a specific training program to prepare you for those tests. Speed School athletes have successfully completed tests for West Point, the Air Force Academy, Navy, and the FBI following a Speed School training program. This is the best way to prepare yourself while avoiding many of the overuse injuries that often plague individuals preparing for these tests.


As our schedule varies from location to location, please contact us for specific questions regarding training schedules.