30 Athletes Named Spring All-Stars

The spring high school season was another successful time for our Desert Speed School athletes, with 30 players across 5 sports named as Spring All-Stars. The list is highlighted by one All-American and five Players of the Year: Daniel Durazo (4A baseball), Preston Clifford (3A baseball), Nate Maltry (Lacrosse All-American and Southern Arizona Player of the Year), Harsh Parikh and Mason Lee (tennis). In addition, 14 Speed School athletes won state championships during the spring, with Sabino baseball, Foothills tennis, Cienega softball, and TSA Girls soccer all claiming titles.

Athletes recognized included:


Daniel Durazo, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 4A Player of the Year, 1st-team state, 1st-team division, Seniors Game All-Star, AZPreps365 Offensive Player of the Year, AZPreps365 1st-team

Preston Clifford, Sabino – AllSportsTucson 3A Pitcher of the Year, 1st-team state, 1st-team division, Futures Game All-Star, AZPreps365 Player of the Year, AZPreps365 Defensive Player of the Year, AZPreps365 1st-team

Efrain Cervantes, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson, 1st-team state, 1st-team division, Seniors Game All-Star, AZPreps365 1st-team

Landon Ogle, Sahuaro – AllSportsTucson, 3rd-team state, 1st-team division, Seniors Game All-Star, AZPreps365 2nd-team

Julian DeAlva, Ironwood Ridge – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team division, Futures Game All-Star, AZPreps365 1st-team

Cam Vega, UHS – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team division

Mike Snyder, Sabino – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team division, Futures Game All-Star, AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Omar Felix, Sahuarita – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team division, AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

John Dormanen, Ironwood Ridge – AZPreps365 1st-team



Abby Doughty, Cienega – AllSportsTucson 1st-team state, 1st-team division, Senior All-Star, AZPreps365 1st-team

Lauren Wedman, Sahuaro – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team state, 2nd-team division, Senior All-Star, AZPreps365 2nd-team

Ashley Bradford, Sahuaro – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team state, 2nd-team division, Senior All-Star, AZPreps365 2nd-team

Bella Goerke, Sahuaro – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team state, 2nd-team division, AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Bailey Tanner, UHS – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team state, 2nd-team division

Vanessa Urias, PRCA – AllSportsTucson 1st-team state, AZPreps365 1st-team

Hannah Stark, Sabino- AllSportsTucson 2nd-team state, AZPreps365 2nd-team

Taylor Ostrum, Sabino – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team state, AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Cassie Castaneda, Sabino – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team state, AZPreps365 2nd-team

Aaliyah Pendleton, Sabino – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team state

Annie Fennema, DCHS – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team state



Nate Maltry, Salpointe – High School All-American, AllSportsTucson Player of the Year, 1st team state



Harsh Parikh, Salpointe – D-II Player of the Year, AllSportsTucson 1st-team state

Mason Lee, Catalina Foothills – AZPreps365 Player of the Year, AllSportsTucson 1st-team state

Krishna Dasika, Catalina Foothills, All-Freshman team, 1st-team division


Beach Volleyball

Brandy Kishbaugh, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson All-Freshman team, 3rd-team division

Hiliana Mizner, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 1st-team

Claire Dunn, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team

Jenna Johnson, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team

Haley Bronson, CDO – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team


Boys Volleyball

Isaiah McAuley, Sahuaro – AZPreps365 2nd-team, AllSportsTucson 4th-team


(Photo credits: Andy Morales, Ralph Freso)