Preseason VB All-Stars: 13 Athletes Named

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With the hope that the high school fall sports seasons will return with some semblance of normalcy later this year, we honor the 13 Speed School athletes who have been named to Preseason All-Star or Preseason Watch lists. Players recognized included:

AllSportsTucson Preseason All-Stars

Alyssa Feltman, Ironwood Ridge

Brandy Kishbaugh, Salpointe

Hannah Morris, Cienega

Sophia Vera, Empire

Preason Watch List

Isabella Ducey, UHS

Gabby Lambert, Cienega

Maddy Copelin, Cienega

Kylie Sachs, Cienega

Bianca Ramirez, Cienega

Jasmin Joseph, Walden Grove

Gisselle Vergara, Empire

Riley Nielson, Sabino

Anjolie Navarrette, St. Augustine


Full All-Star and Watch lists here.

(Photo credit: Andy Morales, AllSportsTucson)