Fall All-Stars: 32 Athletes Selected

32 Speed School athletes were selected as Fall All-Stars this past season for their performances during the high school season. The list is highlighted by Tanque Verde seniors Hannah Haggard and Gavin Gilbert, who each received Player of the Year recognition for their sports following the volleyball and football seasons, respectively.

Athletes recognized include:


Gavin Gilbert, Tanque Verde – AZPreps365 1A-3A Player of the Year, Region Player of the Year, 1st-team Linebacker, 1st-team Running Back

Grayson Bradshaw, Tanque Verde – AZPreps365 1st-team

Eli Clausen, Tanque Verde – AZPreps365 1st-team

Josh Lopez, Tanque Verde – AZPreps365 2nd-team

Nick Coryell, Tanque Verde – AZPreps365 2nd-team

Gabe Pratoomratana, Palo Verde – AZPreps365 2nd-team

Roman Fina, Salpointe – AZPreps365 2nd-team

Thomas Regina, Salpointe – AZPreps365 2nd-team

Henry Nentl, Catalina Foothills – AZPreps365 2nd-team (Receiver), AZPreps365 2nd-team (Punter)

Rocco Haggard, Tanque Verde – AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Kason White, Tanque Verde – AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Abel Alarcon, Salpointe – AZPreps365 Honorable Mention



Hannah Haggard, Tanque Verde – AllSportsTucson 1A-3A Player of the Year, 3A Player of the Year, 1st-team, Top 5 Kills; AZPreps365 3A Region Player of the YearOffensive Player of the Year, 1st-team

Addie Andrews, Mica Mountain – AllSportsTucson Top Junior, Top Five Assists (1st 4A-6A), 1st-team

Madison Gardner, Empire – AllSportsTucson Super Sophomore, Top Five Assists (1st 1A-3A), 1st-team; AZPreps365 2nd-team

Megan Muehlebach, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 1st-team, Top Five Digs; AZPreps365 2nd-team

Molly Brunell, Catalina Foothills – AllSportsTucson 1st-team, Top Five Kills; AZPreps365 1st-team

Tori Staples, Catalina Foothills – AllSportsTucson 1st-team, AZPreps365 1st-team

Chloe Zhang, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team, AZPreps365 2nd-team

Morgan Faunce, Empire – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team, AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Delaney Reuter, UHS – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team

Sabrina Wexler, UHS – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team

Fiona Rucker, Catalina Foothills – AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Leila Lowther, Salpointe – AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Nicole Monge, Salpointe – AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Iris Wheeler, Salpointe – AZPreps365 Honorable Mention

Ava Sooter, Sabino – AZPreps365 Honorable Mention



Jameson Murphy, Salpointe – State Runner-Up (200 Free Relay), DIII All-Star (200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay)

Natalie Armstrong, Tanque Verde – DIII All-Star (200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay)

Lizzie Sztan, Salpointe, DIII All-Star (200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay)



Andrew Smith, Tanque Verde – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team Southern-Arizona, 1st-team DIII

Zoe Porteweig, Tanque Verde – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team Southern-Arizona, 1st-team DIII

Aric Accetta, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team Southern-Arizona, 1st-team DIII



Chase Pickering, Sabino – AllSportsTucson 1st-team Southern Arizona, 1st-team DII, 16th at state

Hudson Parker, Mica Mountain – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team Southern Arizona, 2nd-team DII, 47th at state