Spring All-Stars: 25 athletes recognized

25 Speed School athletes in six different sports were named spring all-stars during the recent high school season, including three Players of the Year and one Freshman of the Year.


Yash Parikh, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson Player of the Year, 1st-team State, 1st-team Divison

Mason Lee, Foothills – AllSportsTucson Doubles Player of the Year, State Freshman of the Year, 1st-team State, Division II Freshman of the Year, 1st-team Divison


Chase Tornquist, Salpointe – TopLaxRecruits.com 2nd-team All-State

Shane Crownhardt, Salpointe – TopLaxRecruits.com 2nd-team All-State


Jacob Rosson, Desert Christian – AllSportsTucson Division IV Player of the Year, 2nd-team State, 1st-team Division, AZ Baseball Coaches All-Star Selection

Derek Daly, Ironwood Ridge – AllSportsTucson 1st-team State, 1st-team Divison, AZ Baseball Coaches All-Star Selection, Seniors Game All-Star Selection, Arizona Republic 1st-team All-Arizona, 1st-team All-State

Efrain Cervantes, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team State, 1st-team Divison, Futures Game All-Star Selection

Preston Clifford, Sahuaro – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team Division, Futures Game All-Star Selection, D-II Freshman of the Year

Stockton Pringle, Sahuaro – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team Division, Futures Game All-Star Selection

Nick Gonzales, Cienega – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team State, Futures Game All-Star Selection

Zach Rosson, Desert Christian – AllSportsTucson 1st-team Division

Curtis Mayberry, St. David – AllSportsTucson 1st-team Division

Travis Davis, St. David – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team Division


Lauren Wedman, Sahuaro – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team State, 3rd-team Division

Noelle Kerr, Empire – AllSportsTucson 1st-team Division

Ashley Bradford, Sahuaro – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team Division

Abby Doughty, Cienega – AllSportsTucson 2nd-team Division

Julia Vega, UHS – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team Division

Kenzie Rod, UHS – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team Division

Alexis Ranieri, Ironwood Ridge – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team Division


Ethan Eagerton, Empire – AllSportsTucson 1st-team 4×400

Chance Strawderman, St. Augustine – AllSportsTucson 1st-team 4×800

Taylor Bacon, Cienega – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team 4×100

Curtis Mayberry, St. David – AllSportsTucson 3rd-team 4×400


Parker Miron, Salpointe – AllSportsTucson 4th-team State